Direct from the Grower...

Fresh from the Fields.

For four generations our family has been growing and retailing our Quality Christmas trees.   It takes a lot of patience and passion to grow Christmas trees!  It is hard work and requires countless man hours throughout the year for maintaining equipment, planting seedlings, transplanting into fields, irrigating, mowing, pruning, tagging, harvesting, and shipping.  One must be dedicated as it takes on average 10 years for a transplant to become a saleable Christmas tree!  This is not a part time hobby as the Grower has to always be on top of industry trends, new diseases and health concerns in the tree plantation, and how to adjust to and time weather shifts.  Christmas comes the same day every year and to insure quality and freshness, there is a very limited time frame to harvest the Christmas trees.  We are based in Northern Wisconsin and can tell stories of many many years ago having difficulties getting harvested trees out of the fields due to early snows!

Meet Our Trees:

fraser fir

Meet Fraser Fir, often touted as the Cadillac of Christmas Trees!


Fraser Fir Offers:

**Three dimensional needles that are blue green, almost silver on tips and backside of branches. Pictures do not accurately show the stunning color!


* Heavier branches, more candled out branches that can support heavy ornaments.  This also give the tree more of a tiered look.  They are slow growers than other types of Christmas trees.


*Fragrant Christmas smell.  Not as intense as Balsam Fir.


*Excellent life span as a Christmas tree in the house when proper care guidelines are followed.


*ALL of our wreaths are made of Fraser Firs as they hold their needles so well and have such beautiful color variation.

balsam fir

Meet Balsam Fir, the most popular Christmas tree! 


Balsam Fir Offers:

**BEST SMELLING!  Strong aromatic scent - traditional favorite fragrance used in candles etc.


*Dark green, flat needles on stems - branches grow in more densely giving the tree a more "bushy look".


*Good life span as a Christmas tree in the house when proper care guidelines are followed.


white pine

Meet White Pine, the old fashioned pine popular back in the 1950's!


White Pine Offers:

**Fluffy, whimsical, long green needles.  Needles on the these hold on extremely well.


*A popular choice as accents in garland, wreaths, and outdoor Holiday patio pots.


*The tree does have a dense branch habit, however, branches on this species are more light weight and cannot support heavy ornaments.  Many of our customer simply put lights on them which is stunning!


*Excellent life span as a Christmas tree in the house when proper care guidelines are followed.

we have christmas trees from 2 ft - 12 ft+.

As a Grower and Retailer, we have the ability to replenish our inventory throughout the Holiday Season.  You will find our selection of Christmas trees is much fresher and higher quality than many of our competitors.  The reason - it's all we do!